Singing Together From Afar

An activity 100% covid friendly

Plus d'information en français

Let me produce for you a music video with a song that you choose and the people you cherish (colleagues, friends and family).  After the participants film themselves singing, I will edit a fun video with a cool sound.  No singing background is necessary.

The work process :

Choosing the song
You, the clients, together with me will choose a song for the project (In Hebrew, English or French). The goal is to find a song that you like, well known to the participants and simple musically. Song length - Around 2 minutes (adaptation will be made for loger songs).

After choosing the song, I will give you two instructions videos that will accompany every participant during the recording of the audio and the video. The participants will have two different experiences with the audio and with the video. The instructions videos will have a funny attitude in order to create a happy experience without unnecessary stress (people don’t alway eager to sing on their own).

It takes around an hour to record the audio and the video. It is very important to prepare the participants for the activity and then to give them a very clear dead-line, over a week-end. During this time we recommend to send everyone some videos of their friends to encourage them to participate (we will obviously prepare them before).

After the dead-line has passed, I will edit all the recordings together, improve the sound and create the video which will be delivered 14 days after the dead-line for the recordings.

The participants will sing with only one voice. With editing tools and separating different groupes (boys girls, age groupe etc) the arrangement will be created.

Watch the video on this page for understand what I do

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